Media Appearances


Sportsman Channel – Featured Documentary
Discovery Channel Canada – “Ultimate Impact” – Featured Documentary
France 5 – “Ultimate Impact” – Featured Documentary
The Nancy Grace Show
Larry King Live (multiple appearances)
The O'Reilly Factor (multiple appearances)
On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
Connie Chung Tonight
Catherine Crier Live, Court TV (multiple appearances)
Fox and Friends (multiple appearances)
MSNBC (multiple appearances)
MTV News
Court TV (multiple appearances)
Fox News Denver, CO (multiple appearances)
KKCO NBC 11 News, Grand Junction, CO
WOIO CBS News, Cleveland, OH
KPLC NBC Local News, Lake Charles, LA
Fox 29 News, Lake Charles, LA


The Baton Rouge Advocate - "A look at firepower, destructive force of rifle in Steve Scalise shooting: 'Miracle he's alive'"
The Baltimore Sun - "A Social Uprising in America" Op-ed
The Washington Post - "SWAT Procedures Are Questioned"
The Grand Junction Free Press
The Daily Sentinel
The McDowell News
Greenville Daily News, "Sheriff: Suspect talked to ex-girlfriend, then fired in Mauldin standoff", Greenville, SC
Washington Times, "Tractor driver surrenders", Washington,DC.
Houston Chronicle
The Ottawa Herald Ottawa, Canada
The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA
The Mainichi Newspaper, Fukuoka-City, Japan
Montgomery Gazette, "Sniper wrote the book on police tactics", Gaithersburg, MD


BBC - London - Live Interview (multiple appearances)
BBC - New Zealand - Live Interview
Morning News with Jim Sharpe - KTAR - Arizona - Live Interview
Common Sense Radio with Oliver North - Radio America - Washington, DC - Live Interview
KTLK - Oklahoma - Live Interview
KLAC - Los Angeles, CA - Live Interview
The Ken Hamblin Show - Syndicated - Denver, CO - Live Interview

Web News