Introducing our newest publication:
SWAT Operations and Critical Incidents: Why People Die
by Stuart A. Meyers...

"For over 30 years, Stuart Meyers has worked in, trained, or commanded Special Weapons and Tactics units, in US and foreign law enforcement agencies. I know of no one more qualified to bring these fascinating case studies to life for those who want to understand how to battle criminals and terrorists while saving lives. An excellent read for professionals and non-professionals alike."

--Brigadier General Kevin Ryan (USA Retired), Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

$29.95 softcover

Here's what professionals are saying about SWAT Operations...

"Stuart has written an insightful book capturing the many challenges and often-discussed topics related to law enforcement critical incidents and SWAT operations. This book should be added to the reading list of all SWAT personnel and commanders at every level."

--Lieutenant Ed Caneva, SWAT Veteran, Tactical Incident Commander,
and Founder of the Miami-Dade Rapid Deployment Force

"A one-of a kind resource for the special operations and broader law enforcement communities."

--Dr. Beth Simmons, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs,
Department of Government, Harvard University


  150 pages, $49.00

The OpTac International Rifle Data Book offers the best design to ensure proper documentation of training and operational information.

220 pages, $19.95

A Guide To Police Sniping has been sold worldwide to law enforcement, military, and counter-terrorist teams. It includes cutting edge advancements in the field of sniping.

A Guide To Police Sniping is the only book ever endorsed by Carlos Hathcock, II and has elicited the following comments:

"This book is one of, if not, the most informative books I have read. Outstanding!"

--Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II,
Sniper, United States Marine Corps (Ret.)

"Drawing from his experience as well as extensive training, Officer Meyers guides his reader, step by step, through a suggested sniper program. A Guide To Police Sniping is an excellent treatise on an important subject, and should be considered essential reading for present and future SWAT snipers as well as law enforcement administrators."

--Captain John A. Kolman (Ret.)
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Founder and former Director of the National Tactical Officers Association

"A Guide To Police Sniping is an outstanding book which provides information and common sense organizational and critical incident guidance germane to the incident commander, the SWAT supervisor, and the police sniper. This training and tactical reference should be part of every SWAT Unit's library. Meyers is ON TARGET!!"

--Sergeant Ron McCarthy
Senior Supervisor (Ret.), Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT Team

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